Launch Your Group Programme Or Online Course

Launch Your Group Programme Or Online Course

So you want personalised support with the launch of your next online course or group programme 

There is not a one size fits all approach to launching your online programs. However, when you are trying to launch based on trial and error, this can turn out to be very costly, both with your time and your money

Therefore, you'll receive a customised strategy that works for your brand. 

Launch Support (up to 12 week's support)

Launching on your own is no easy fete and therefore, I will help you to build out the process for your entire launch to ensure that it is streamlined, seamless, stress-free and fun.

Our journey together

We will start off with a 1-hour consultation call via Zoom so that I can learn more about your business and your goal

I will create a launch roadmap for you that will support you with:

  • Building your audience and being visible  – I will help you identify the tactics that will help you to build your audience so that you can have a tribe that will be gravitated to your offer
  • Outlining your curriculum – I provide you with the resources you need to map out the outline for your course or programme and help you to identify how you can make it engaging and transformational. I will also help you decide on what assets you need to support your course or programme e.g videos, audios, worksheets, pdfs or workbooks. 
  • Technology – Don’t let technology hold you back. I can help you select and implement the right technology to ensure that your launch runs more efficiently and is stress-free e.g like choosing a learning platform or an email marketing tool that caters to your needs. As part of this support, I will take your content and put it online for you.
  • Building a sales page – This is going to be one of your most powerful marketing tools during your launch. I will give you the tools that you need to map out your sales copy so that attracts the right audience
  • Email marketing campaign – I can help you to create a strategy to drip your campaign 
  • Launch time – Now this is the most exciting time of the whole process and I’ll help you to work out the best strategy for you e.g will you run a challenge or a webinar?

We will be communicating via Asana which is a project management tool as well as via WhatsApp (unlimited messages). I will respond within 48 hours.  When deemed necessary, we will also have a Zoom call. 

Total Investment: £3,000 (payment plan available)


Book a discovery call with me to ensure that this service is a good fit for your needs. CLICK HERE

"I am a business coach ... When the time came for someone to be the right-hand woman for my business, she was the only logical choice. Since having her she has streamlined everything and kept me on track. She has been someone that I can speak to about my business and then work on planning and mapping everything out. She is always super reliable and will go over and above. I have also been able to have successful launches with her by my side. She has been a Godsend and an asset.
Ese Eniwumide - Purpose & Profit Academy

"This was my 2nd launch and I needed a course launch support who had in-depth technical knowledge of course launches. I also needed someone with a proven track record of excellent project management who would connect all the moving parts for me, and reduce the overwhelm of course launching for me.I had a successful and profitable course launch with the help of Diane's services.I received numerous ideas on how to make passive income from my course and Diane went one step further by setting the entire process up. She introduced me to tools that have increased the productivity of my business.
I like that Diane went over and beyond the description of her services. She organized ALL my digital products so that they are now easily accessible to my audience via MemberVault.I also felt FULLY supported throughout the entire course launch process.I like that Diane always exudes positive energy. She is very knowledgeable and was able to advise and provide encouragement when I became stuck. I have learned how to use Project Management Tool Asana thanks to Diane's mini-tutorials. I will now be able to use it to manage my business including my content creation strategy. I have a good understanding of MemberVault where I now market all of my digital courses with automations that make sign-ups very streamlined. Diane also saved me $750 right at the start by migrating my course from a more clunky and expensive software.
Diane has great product and service knowledge, excellent communication, a very friendly attitude and always willing to help. As a small business, you need someone who is knowledgeable plus has a genuine interest in your business. Diane Boothe Concierge will provide the support plus you will learn money-saving /money-making skills that you can transfer to other aspects of your business, making you a better business person".
Sylvia Nwaozuzu - Fablux Wigs

“Technology was my bugbear when launching a new program. I couldn’t imagine approaching the stages with the efficiency and high quality that Diane put in place. She is insightful and has an abundance of knowledge which has been of the utmost value to my business. She has guided and supported my vision which has resulted in me gaining more time and less stress. I have learnt to relax more knowing Diane is capable of steering aspects of my business that I have minimum competency on and I appreciate the following-through with tasks.I would recommend Diane if you value your time and headspace because I have noticed in the short time we have worked with each other, I don’t feel as congested with ideas because we have a shared vision for my business. I have been able to make my working processes easier and effective.”
Samantha Carbon - Samantha Carbon Therapy

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